Registering Animal Abusers

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Missouri animal abusers may soon be on a registry everyone can see.

“Physical abuse, or sexual abuse of any kind, could be the abuse of an animal, or the threat of an animal in the home,” explained Brandi Bartel, Executive Director of the Victim Center.

Bartel says the new registry could help stop more than just animal abuse.

“It will help the community as a whole to be able to help connect the dots between animal abuse and physical and sexual abuse,” said Bartel.

The bill is known as the “Missouri Animal Abuser Registration Act.” If approved, the Missouri Highway Patrol would set up a website that anyone could see. It would list anyone convicted of animal abuse, including dog fighting, and cockfighting. The proposed site would show the person’s photo, full name, and any other information the patrol thinks should be on there.

“Sometimes it’s difficult for the community to see violence or abuse, because often times those types of crimes happen behind closed doors,” explained Bartel.

One group against the bill might be a little surprising. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA, says in a statement on it’s website that while it appreciates the efforts for a registry, the group thinks it would do little to protect animals or people and can have unintended consequences.

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