Latest from Henry Co. Commission

The Henry County Commission met pursuant to adjournment at the courthouse in Clinton, Missouri.
Prior to opening session the commission attended a Drug Court Graduation in the courtroom on the 3rd floor.
Those members present were: Jim Stone-Presiding Commissioner
Rick Fosnow-North District Commissioner
Dale Lawler-South District Commissioner
Rick Watson-County Clerk
The agenda was approved as presented.
At 9:20 a.m. Commissioner Stone brought the meeting to order.
The minutes from the Tuesday June 4, 2019 meeting were read. Commissioner Fosnow made a motion
to approve the minutes. Commissioner Lawler seconded the motion, motion carried.
Expenditures for the following departments were approved to be paid:
Assessor Law Enforcement Fund Circuit Clerk
County Clerk Employee Benefits Road and Bridge
Buildings and Grounds Elections Court Administration
The commission signed letters to Oak Star Bank and Hawthorn Bank for participating in the depository
bid process.
Jerry Mitchell called to discuss a culvert that had been washed out on SW 450 Rd. Mr. Mitchell was
informed he would need to contact Clinton Township.
County Clerk Watson shared of a complaint of individuals parking and fishing off of the Montrose Lake
The commission discussed the reappointment of Wilbur Caldwell and Ivan Oestrich to the Enhanced
Enterprise Zone. After discussion Commissioner Lawler made a motion to reappoint Wilbur Caldwell
and Ivan Oestrich to the Enhanced Enterprise Zone with a term to expire March 2024. Commissioner
Fosnow seconded, motion carried with a roll call vote. Stone-Yes Lawler-Yes Fosnow-Yes
There was discussion regarding the BRO bridge project. The bridge is currently under water and the
county needs to bid out for construction, which will be delayed due to the circumstances.
Carla Mathes, MFA Oil, met with the commission to discuss the $0.05 discount per gallon for fuel for
Henry County as per the contract. Mrs. Mathes had determined that the discount had not been applied
since its inception. She stated that she will issue a credit for the gallons used up to this date. She
continued to share that there will not be a $0.10 credit that may or may not have been verbally agreed
upon, she continued to share that MFA is restructuring and have been reducing its pump prices. She also
shared that she can offer a $0.07 discount for the duration of 2019. Commissioner Lawler asked if MFA
would back date the $0.07 discount beginning of 2019. Mrs. Mathes shared that she will back date the
credit to the beginning of 2019 with a $0.10 discount but honor a $0.07 discount for the duration of
Commissioner Fosnow left the meeting early to attend a Quad Lakes Solid Waste Management District
Kelly Marriott, Deputy County Clerk, attended the meeting.
At 11:00 a.m. commissioners held a bid opening for remodeling of the 3rd floor public administrators
office. The only bid received was from McKinley construction in the amount of $13,000. After
discussion Commissioner Lawler made a motion to accept the bid. Commissioner Stone seconded the
motion, motion carried with a roll call vote. Stone-Yes Lawler-Yes
Commissioner Lawler inquired about rental insurance on Road and Bridge equipment that had been
damaged by the floods.
Commissioner Lawler returned a call to Richard Looney regarding a culvert on SE 400 Rd. Mr.
Looney’s concern is a whistle that floods out his driveway as well as a neighbors every time it rains. He
stated that this has been happening for some time. He stated that gravel from the road ends up in his yard
and he has had to get equipment to move it. Commissioner Lawler suggested he call Bethlehem
Township board members to express his concerns.
Commissioner Fosnow returned to the meeting and updated the commission on the Quad Lakes meeting
he attended.
Commissioners adjourned at 12:05 p.m.



Henry County Commission
Open Meeting
2nd Floor Henry County Courthouse
100 W Franklin, Rm 210, Clinton, MO
9:00 a.m. Thursday June 13, 2019
Posted: 4:09 p.m. Tuesday June 11, 2019
A. Review and approve agenda
B. Review and approve minutes of the Tuesday June 11, 2019 Meeting
C. Review and act on invoices
D. Old Business
1. Security Upgrades
2. Remodel Public Administrator Office
3. $0.25 sales tax for Law Enforcement
4. Brownington contract
E. New Business
Board of Equalization Appointments
F. Appointments
G. Adjourn
The Henry County Commission may go into closed session at this meeting if such
actions approved by a majority vote of the Commission members who constitute a
quorum, to discuss legal, confidential, or privileged matter under Section 610.021