Clinton City Council Meeting on 9/15

It was a busy night at the Clinton City Council meeting with the pending votes on two large issues. Many citizens and city employees were in attendance and spoke before the council emphasizing their stance on these issues.

In the Public Works Committee Report, it was reported that the Street light at 2nd & Green streets still has not been contracted out for repairs and pushed to the September 29th Public Works meeting. City Administrator Kristy Maggi has been trying to reach Capital Electric to discuss options but is not having any luck.

Councilman Dr. Ken Scott asked City Administrator Maggi if the overages for the Gaines Drive project we’re reflected in the 2021 budget. He then suggested that the project is close to $400,000 over budget. Maggi agreed and said the final review has not yet been completed with MoDot and a few items were to be addressed before wrapping up.

In the Public Safety Committee report, Councilwoman Carla Moberly read that Clinton Main Street has requested to serve alcohol and close the inside of the Square for the Wine Stroll on October 17. A vote was taken and passed. The Council also reviewed bids and approved for the purchase of new fire equipment for the fire department. These items were budgeted items funded by the fire tax that was passed a few years ago.

During the City Administrator Report, Kristi Maggi reported that the Waste Water Plant took a lighting strike recently that affected some critical equipment. Councilman Scott suggested that the City should hire an electrical contractor to review grounding and provide upgrades to city facilities.

Maggi also reported that the road closer of Sedalia Avenue for culvert replacement will take longer than originally planned due to finding a large void underneath the road. The Street Department tried to fill the void but started to damage the asphalt above. The road will remain closed until the middle of next week. Crews are working overtime to make the repairs and to fill the void.

Up first under Unfinished Business was the discussion regarding contractual services with OATS. Many citizens spoke out about how much they rely on ATS. They believe the fee with OATS will increase and service will decline. After hearing many comments from the community, Councilman Scott stated the council would degrade the community by moving transportation services to OATS. Councilwoman Debbie Smith moved that the council should table the Area Transportation until more information can be obtained. Councilman Daniel Wilson requested to get an updated contract from OATS because the current contract provided was a few years old and didn’t align with what OATS proposed to the council.

Last on the agenda was Resolution No. 15-2020 which is a resolution of the City Council of Clinton, Missouri authorizing a professional operating services and management agreement between the City of Clinton and Alliance Water Resources. This resolution would authorize Alliance to take over and manage the wastewater plant. Three out of the four current city employees who work at the wastewater plant were in attendance and spoke out against the city contracting this out. The Alliance representative on hand also spoke and reassured the council that they, Alliance can provide more resources and hire more employees to operate the plant and the city’s sewer system. Currently employees of the wastewater plant would be offered jobs with Alliance and benefits would be matched. After much discussion, the council voted to adopt the Resolution with Councilman Wilson being the single No vote.