Earthquake Hits Southern Missouri Wednesday Evening

An earthquake occurred on November 17, 2021, at 8:53pm with a magnitude of 4.0 in Epps Township, MO and could be felt in Branson, MO. 

The initial intensity was reported as a 3.7 magnitude but was changed shortly after to 4.0. The earthquake could also be felt in areas close to Farmington and Cape Girardeau, according to the map.

There are also reports of people feeling this earthquake as far as Kentucky and Tennessee.

The quake was within what is called the New Madrid Seismic Zone. The New Madrid Seismic Zone, sometimes called the New Madrid Fault Line, is a major seismic zone and a prolific source of intraplate earthquakes in the Southern and Midwestern United States, stretching to the southwest from New Madrid, Missouri.

Experts believe the New Madrid Zone has been responsible for magnitude 7 to 8 intensity earthquakes about every 500 years over the past 1,200 years.

The center of the earthquake was near Williamsville, Missouri in the Poplar Bluff area. As of now there are no reports of damage in the area of Williamsville or surrounding areas.