Henry County Health Center Vaccination Tier 2

Henry County Health Center staff are going through the waitlist for patients who signed up for the COVID-19 vaccination in Tier 2.  To assist staff in getting through this process quickly we are asking that   If you registered for a vaccination with HCHC but have since received your vaccine elsewhere,  please call or text our message line at 660-492-6605 to be taken off the list.  

HCHC received notification that we will not be receiving any more ‘first dose’ COVID-19 vaccine for at least a month.  We encourage everyone to stay in contact with GVMH and local pharmacies to check for vaccine availability.  We will be sharing our list with GVMH once it is updated.  If you received your vaccination during the Mass Vaccination at the First Baptist Church or the Benson Center you will receive a text/email from the state program to set your new appointment for your 2nd vaccination.